I’m always excited to work with new artists and musicians, both in the studio and on stage.  Here are a number of ways we can work together.




I’m available to be a part of your next project.  This can be in a small or large capacity, depending on what your vision is.  Whether it’s recording some keys tracks or producing the project as a whole, I can help.


Playing Keys

I’m available to play for worship events and conferences.   I’ll bring all the experience I’ve gathered throughout 15+ years of playing worship to your next conference.



I’m available to mentor keyboard players and worship teams.  Sometimes the difference between ‘ok’ and ‘excellent’ is a few simple steps.  I can work with your team to help them get there.  I’m also available to create and troubleshoot keyboard rigs for churches and individuals.  A keyboard rig is an ever evolving thing, and I’ve been through my share of experimenting to find what I think works best.  I can help you design the best rig to fit your style of playing.